Strengthening of Fire and Emergency Services of the Municipal Corporation Jalandhar

“Fire Service” is a State subject and has been included as a municipal function in the XII Schedule of the Constitution of India in terms of Article 243-W. The role of the Fire Services has dramatically changed over the last few years and now the Fire Services respond to hazardous material accidents, advanced emergency medical situations, high angle rescue and confined space rescue incidents, trench and collapse operations, underwater rescue and much more in addition to their conventional role of Fire fighting and Rescue. All these changes have necessitated provisioning of suitable equipment to carry out specialized roles.

The fast pace of industrialization with the extensive use of hazardous materials and increased construction of multi-storied buildings has not only enhanced the risks due to fire accidents but has also put tremendous strain on the operational abilities of Firemen. In addition, in the aftermath of any disaster, the immediate mobilization and deployment of trained fire personnel for search and rescue operations is critical for the survival of disaster-affected victims. The Fire Services have, therefore, to be progressively transformed into Multi-hazard Response Force capable of acting as first responders in all types of emergent situations.

In view of the above, JSCL has procured various high tech equipment under its smart city mission to streamline fire service emergency operations in Jalandhar city for the safety and security of people.


Project Time Period:

1 to 6 Months

Mode of Implementation:


Project Cost (Cr.):

7.05 Cr.

Implementing Agency:

Present Status:

Delivered to Fire Dept, MCJ & working

Sr noDescription of  Equipment and Machines ProcuredQuantityProcurement Time PeriodMode of ProcurementImplementing AgencyPresent Status
1Quick Response Tender46-MonthsE-TenderM/s Ambala Coach BuildersDelivered to Fire Dept, MCJ & working
2Life Detector15-MonthsE-TenderM/s Unicare-do-
3Victim Location Camera with Breaching System25-MonthsE-TenderM/s Jyotech Engineering & Marketing Consultants-do-
4Inflatable Lighting Tower45-MonthsE-TenderM/s ASCKA Equipment-do-
5Fire Proximity Suit153-MonthsE-TenderM/s PIPLA Safety Pvt Ltd-do-
6Aluminized Fire Suit15 E-TenderM/s PIPLA Safety Pvt Ltd-do-
7Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF)10000 Ltr.2-MonthE-TenderM/s Foam Tech Antifire and M/s KV fire Chemical-do-
8Fire Fighting Vehicles44-MonthsE-TenderM/s Ambala Coach Builders-do-
9Fire Fighting Delivery Hosepipe7500 mtr. Length3-MonthsE-TenderM/s Newage Fire Fighting company Ltd-do-
10Search & Rescue Combi tool101-MonthsE-TenderM/s PIPLA Safety Pvt Ltd-do-
11Portable Co2501-MonthsE-TenderM/s Kawach Instruments & Chemtex-do-
12Portable Fire Pump Set32-MonthsE-TenderM/s Firefly Fire Pump Pvt LtdTo be supplied

Features & Component and Benefits:

Sr NoName and number of  MachineFeature and Components
1Poclain Machine/ Excavator (2 no)Maximum Working/lifting height-5.97mMaximum Bucket Capacity- 1.0 cumMaximum dig depth-4.5m
2Grab bucket (2 no)Remote controlElectric hydraulic grabLifting Capacity: 3.5 TonGrab Capcity- 400 dm2Excavator bucket capacity-0.9 cubic mter
3Backhoe loader (2 no)  Maximum Dig Depth- 4.5 mbucket capacity-1 cubic mterBelow ground level dig depth- 0.07m
4Body Box Tippers  4 No’s of 10.5 cum Box Body Tippers & one 5 cum Tipper
5Jetting cum Suction Machines (4 no)Effectively clearing the blockages and sucking up the debris from the inaccessible sewer linesEfficiently cleaning sewer lines ranging from 50mm dia to 900mm dia and storm drains, septic tankSludge can be sucked from a depth of approx. 08 metersReduction of labour-oriented method of cleaning, thus upgrading dignity of labourEasy to operate  

Benefits :

Sr noDescription of  Equipment and Machines ProcuredFeatures & Component and benefits
1Quick Response Tender  Tata 207, Advanced Fire Tenders, fitted with High Pressure Pumps with Mist Technology, Mini vehicles can operate even in narrow streets and congested areas
2Life Detector 
3Victim Location Camera with Breaching SystemThey enable insertion below the debris supported by appropriate illumination, whose images can be viewed by the operator and other rescue personnel on remote display monitors. The rescue probe is a full duplex two-way communication device, giving rescuers.  Ability to hear victims as well as talk to them. Attaching metal or PVC pipe to the back of the probe allows Rescuers to push it deeply into a collapse through holes, cracks, etc
4Inflatable Lighting TowerIn case of any emergency or temporary requirement of illumination such as in rescue operations, at any remote location, public events etc
5Fire Proximity SuitProximity suits provide protection to firefighters from radiated heat and from injuries resulting from impact or friction during operational activities.
6Aluminized Fire SuitProximity suit designed to provide the fire- fighter with protection from radiated heat and from injuries arising from impact or abrasion during operational activities.
7Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF)Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF, or alcohol resistant AR-AFFF) is a highly effective foam used for fighting high-hazard flammable liquid fires
8Fire Fighting VehiclesOne advanced rescue tender, two water browser and one mini tender
9Fire Fighting Delivery HosepipeA fire hose is a high pressure hose used to carry water or other fire retardant (such as foam) to a fire to extinguish it.  it is attached either to a fire engine or a fire hydrant.
10Search & Rescue Combi toolRescue combi Tools are used by fire-fighters and emergency response crews to rescue trapped victims from collapsed buildings or road traffic incidents. these are battery operated or powered by hydraulics can lift, move or cut with massive force.
11Portable Co2 
12Portable Fire Pump SetThese portable gas powered fire pumps use a suction hose that can draw water from a water source such as a swimming pool, water tank or lake