Setting up Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Processing at Gadaipur, Jalandhar

Govt. of India has notified CONSTRUCTION DEMOLITION WASTE MANAGEMENT RULE 2016 in which construction building material cement debris, stones etc. are to be reused after recycling. C&D waste should not be dumped in open spaces/landfills grounds without processing. In order to comply with these directions enacted in C&D Waste Management Rules 2016, JSCL has set up C&D Waste Processing Plant at Gadipur village under Jalandhar Smart City Mission.

The contractor of the project shall use recycled aggregate by-products created by C&D waste in road construction/building construction etc. The city’s C&D waste will be dumped at the design site itself. This is the first such C&D Waste Processing Plant in Punjab at Jalandhar.

Scope of work:

Part A- Procurement of Machineries
Part B- Civil Work

Total Project cost (Cr.):

Part A- 3.47 Cr
Part B- 2.78 Cr

Mode of Implementation:


Project Time Period:

Part A- 12 Months
Part B- 10 Months

Implementing Agency:

Part A- M/s Citadel Technomech Private Limited, Indore
Part B- MAC Builder, Jalandhar

Present Status:

Work in progress

Feature & component:

  • The plant has a capacity of about 100 MT per day for crushing construction waste.
  • It produces material which can be utilized for cement concrete works such as washed sand, crushed aggregates of 10 mm,20 mm and 40 mm.
  • If required, the plant can also manufactures road material i.e., PCC kerbs, PCC Channel , PCC Tiles , Paver Block etc at a relatively low cost.
  • The plant reduces the in house cost of construction by approximately up to 10% and has the tipping charges and processing cost at relatively lower costs than other cities in India.

Benefits :

  • The first ever C&D waste Management Plant in Punjab.
  • Helps in proper management of C&D waste in the city. which earlier thrown on road side caused blockage of the open drain and  the road congestion, Helps in reducing dust pollution, It Becomes income source for Municipal Corporation.
  • It provides facility for the residents of Jalandhar to dump their construction waste in authorized manner.