Modernization of Mithapur Hockey Stadium

A step to keep hockey’s legacy alive

Having produced many Olympians and sportsperson of national and international repute, Jalandhar sports infrastructure need a revamp.

Although Jalandhar in Punjab is famous for its sports industry, the Jalandhar has a major sports infrastructure including facilities for various sports like cricket ground, football, basketball, badminton, table tannis, judo, athletics. Whereas looking at inspiration of people towards hockey sports there is huge gap in demand and supply of Astroturf hockey ground.

In this view, it becomes very important to provide astroturf ground facility to alive the legacy of hockey and glory of hockey to the top of the ladder.

Project Cost (Cr.):

6.83 Cr.

Project Time Period:

1 Year + 2 Year Defect Liability Period

Mode of Implementation:


Implementing Agency:

M/s Shive Naresh Sports

Present Status:

95% Completed (as in Feb-2024)

Feature & component:

  • Turf laying (from base i.e. Granular sub-base, WMM, BM, SDBC, rubberized cushion shock-pad).
  • Sprinkler system for whole turf including automatic Pop-up sprinkler, pump house, underground water storage tank.
  • Fencing of Turf Ground with a interlocking track around the turf ground.
  • Drainage System including drain all around the turf, connections to rain-water harvester, rain water chambers.
  • Jogging Track with synthetic shock pad all around the Boundary(Initially was a around the fencing, then transferred to the boundary wall) and Interlocking tile trackaround football ground in vicinity.
  • Viewers Gallery for a seating of 200 people.
  • Washroom Up-gradation for guests and players.
  • New Office and conference room.
  • Boundary wall with barbed wire securing the premises.
  • Parking Space