Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC)

The Heart and Brain of the City

 The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has envisaged ICCC to be the hub of innovation as It facilitates effective management of city operations, exceptional scenarios and disaster mitigation using information and communication technologies. It enables cities with a decision support system for enhancing quality of life for its citizen. It also helps

 cities achieve more with less using real-time data, centralized monitoring and informed decision making which is driving cities towards inclusion, efficiency, and innovation.

Jalandhar Smart City initiated  a city level infrastructure – data centre as Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) Solution on 30 March 2020 for the city of Jalandhar which includes sub systems like CCTV Surveillance, Traffic Management & Control, Public Address System, GIS Platform, Optical Fibre Cable, etc.

Project Cost (Cr.):

77.84 Cr.

Project Time Period:

9 Month Implementation + 4 Year O&M

Mode of Implementation:


Implementing Agency:

M/s- KEC International

Present Status:

Building Infrastructure: Completed Interdepartmental Data Integration: In- Progress

CCTVutilizing the surveillance cameras to implement effective traffic management rules in the city and help detect pedestrian traffic  
ATCSAdaptive Traffic Control System: smooth traffic movement in rush hours and higher degree of pedestrian safety and public life on the street. Reduced congestion by creating smoother flow and prolonged the effectiveness of pedestrian, cycle and motor signal timing (low dependence on manual control).  
GISGeographic Information System: Mapping pedestrian routes and providing descriptive information to help develop a pedestrian help system
ITMS  E-challan generation, Red light violation detection (RLVD) system deployed Overcrowding detection, fight detection Abandoned object detection, intrusion detection Person collapsing detection, loitering detection People count detection, litter, debris, garbage detection Garbage bin cleaned or not, vandalism detection Graffiti detection, tracking of garbage truck movement