Inauguration Of Portable Inflatable Emergency Lighting System

The Problem

Whenever there is a fire, we first switch off the electrical supply, this leads to complete darkness in surrounding areas. The fire tenders are standing away from the scene of the fire due to congested lanes. The fire crew requires quick illumination in the area during and after firefighting operations. Further state fire services play a very important role for disaster management, during disaster (earthquake, floods) there is no electricity (illumination) available. Rescue work is further hampered as logistic support / equipment’s cannot be moved easily at a disaster site.

Present Scenario For Illumination

The fire services use portable inflatable light tower which consist of an inbuilt genset, blowers, lamp. The user has to switch on the generator first, then blower which inflates the cloth to a height of 4.5 meters from ground level. Further the user switches on the 400 W MH lamp which provides 360 degree glare free illumination up to 10,000 sq. meters within 3 minutes. They can detach the same from fire tender and take it to the site of fire / disaster. Today this light tower has become a part of DFT / CFT / Fire tenders.