Development of Smart Roads in ABD Area

To improve the quality of roads in Jalandhar, Smart Road is one of the most important development works under Jalandhar Smart City Mission which entails visual improvements to encourage non-motorized routes, easing of traffic-congestion & circulation, organized parking, pedestrian friendly paths, provision of underground utilities etc. Under the scheme, six road-stretches have been identified in the ABD area which is as follows:

  1. Workshop Chowk-DAV Flyover
  2. Workshop Chowk-Patel Chowk
  3. Workshop Chowk-Kapurthala Chowk
  4. Kapurthala Chowk-Football Chowk
  5. Kapurthala Chowk -120 Ft Road Chowk
  6. Babu Jagjivan Ram Chowk-120 ft Road Chowk at Kapurthala Road


Length of Smart Roads:

About 14 km.

Project Time Period:

12 Months

Mode of Implementation:

Tender (Item Based)

Project Cost (Cr.):

50.29 Cr.

Implementing Agency:

M/s Maindeep Enterprises (Lead Member) JV with R.G Industries, Jalandhar

Present Status:

Work in Progress

Salient Feature of the Project:

  • Resurfacing of road with concrete and bitumen
  • Improvement of geometry
  • Underground utility duct at suitable location
  • Underground sewerage network
  • Underground water supply lines
  • Underground storm water system
  • Pedestrian Friendly Pathways
  • LED street lighting
  • Horticulture & Plantation


  • These roads will be designed considering long term sustainable development and to increase quality of life for the users, there will be particular focus on safety of women, children, elderly and differently-abled persons.
  • Integration of traffic Lights with Integrated Command & control Centre (ICCC) for efficient traffic management
  • Provision for storm water sewer for proper drainage