Development/Improvement of Bist Doab Canal Area (Length-4 km) in ABD Area

The Upper Bisht Doab Canal, a distributor of the Sutlej River, flows through the western part of the city of Jalandhar. This canal mainly supplies water only for irrigation. Due to erratic flow, the city is currently not getting water for supply. Dumping of dung, domestic/medical waste is taking place in Upper Bisht Doab Canal since last few years which not only spoils the beauty of the reservoir but also pollutes the water. Keeping in view the deteriorating condition of the Bisht Doab Canal under Smart City Mission, Jalandhar has taken the following measures to save the canal from deteriorating in ABD area. In ABD area this canal covers abbot 4 km length starts from Kapurthala Railway crossing to Gakhal Puli.


Length of canal stretch covered:

4 km.

Project Time Period:

12 Months

Mode of Implementation:

Tender (Item Rate)

Project Cost (Cr.):

2.86 Cr.

Implementing Agency:

M/S Tarvinder Pal Singh, Jalandhar

Present Status:

Work in Progress

Features and Components

  • Beautification of both the sides by planting trees
  • Path/walkway developed using checker tiles
  • Chain-link Fencing is installed
  • Dustbins have been installed
  • Street light has been installed

Benefits to the citizens

  • The entire stretch of around 4 kms consists of a one continuous walking trail cum jogging track with quality of spaces while walking and jogging.
  • Street lights have installed on both sides of the canal that will help in  promoting good health and safety of people
  • The air is cleaner and the environment is getting better than before
  • The aesthetic value of the adjacent area has improved