Construction/up gradation of various important Roads of city for better connectivity

As part of this work, some important areas of the city that were developed later in the process of urban development and were not yet directly connected to the Central Business District (CBD) area of the city.

In order to connect these areas with the main part of the city, some main roads have been developed under the Smart City Mission, whose details are as follows.


Project Time Period:

Mode of Implementation:


Project Cost (Cr.):

Implementing Agency:

Present Status:


Sr noDescription of  WorksProject Time PeriodMode of Implementation  Project Cost (Cr.)  Implementing AgencyPresent Status
1Construction of 66 ft Smart Road Pan City in the MCJ Limit (Length-1.3km)  7-MonthsE-Tender1.94Ms Bhushan Chhura, Jalandhar  Completed
2Construction of New Road in Urban Estate Phase II from Cool Road to Disposal site (Length-1.16 km)12-MonthsE-Tender1.95  Ms Bhushan Chhura, Jalandhar  Completed
3Construction of 120 feet road from BSNL Exchange to Kewal Vihar, Mother Teresa Home to PPR Mall and PPR Mall to Jyoti Nagar (Length- 1.60 km)12-MonthsE-Tender6.27  M/S Satish Agarwal, Jalandhar  Completed

Features and Components:

Road widening, installation of LED Lights, Road furniture developed

Benefits :

Development of 66 Feet Road– This road will provide better connectivity for outskirt areas like to Jalandhar Height, Palam Vihar, Alipur and Pholriwal etc. with the other major part of city. This road will enhance public safety with aesthetic value of surrounding areas. About 2 lakh people will be benefited by this better condition road.

120 Feet Road– This is a very important road which will connect the eastern part of the city with the western part including ABD area. About 5 lakh people will be benefited by this better connectivity

Urban estate Road- This is a new additional link-road along the Nakodar railway line which will help in dealing with the traffic congestion and heavy traffic of the southern part of the city.

In addition, this has considerably improved their access to schools, health centres, hospitals, markets, urban centres and jobs falling in the main city areas.