Construction of Trunk Storm Drainage System in ABD area

Recognizing the problem of water logging, Jalandhar Smart City Limited under its Smart City Mission has taken initiative to eliminate this problem and developed a strong drainage system at a cost of about Rs.21 crore.

Under this project, 120 feet road, trunk storm sewer line has been laid in areas having serious water logging problems like Basti Danismanda, Basti Sheikh, Mithu Basti, Babrik Chowk and Babu Jagjivan Ram Chowk etc.

A reservoir (sump well) of 1000 cubic meter capacity has been constructed near Babu Jagjivan Ram Chowk for drainage of this area. From sump well, excess rain water will be drained out using pumping system and released into Kala Singh Nala located at distance of about 3 km.


Length of Storm Sewer line (Rising main):

3 km.

Project Time Period:

12 Months

Mode of Implementation:

Tender (Item Based)

Project Cost (Cr.):

20.99 Cr.

Implementing Agency:

RG Industries, Jalandhar

Present Status:

Work in Progress

Features and Components:

  • Entire ABD area has been divided into 3 zones for draining out storm water. Zone 1 lies above Kapurthala road within ABD area and zone 2 lies below Kapurthala road within ABD area. Storm water of zone 1 shall be collected at pump station near Burton park and that of zone 2 and zone 3 shall be collected near Babu Jagjeevan Ram Chowk.
  • Lifting system from pump station has been setup to lift storm water through rising main and outfall in Kala Sanghia Nala at two different locations corresponding to Zone 1 and Zone 2.
  • About 3 km rising main is laid to  pump surface water from pumping station set up at Babu Jagjivan Ram Chowk
  • Construction of Sump well, installation of pumping unit and construction of main sewer line covering about 4 km length, manholes, road gullies chamber.
  • Material and  sizes of pipes used are including DI Pipe of dia 100mm to 1000mm and RCC pipe dia ranging from 500-2600 mm

Benefits to the citizens:

  • This is one of the largest Low Lying areas of the city and at the time of rainfall, earlier it takes almost 2-3 days to drain out storm water from the area. Now it will take maximum 2-3 hours to drain out the rain water from the area
  • About 5-lakh population will be getting relief from water logging problem pending since past 30-years
  • It will promote the businesses activities of the surrounding areas