Construction of Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Structures (RWHs) in 54  Govt. Buildings Premises

According to the CGWB report, the water level in major cities including Jalandhar in Punjab is 20 to 40 meters deep. The data on long-term water level fluctuations shows that there has been a drastic fall in the water level in major parts of the state. As per the ground water assessment carried out, the net dynamic groundwater resource of the state of Punjab is 21.443 MCM (Million Cubic Meter) while the net draft is 31.162 MCM, leading to ground water deficit of 9.719 MCM.

The stage of groundwater development across the state is 145% and the state falls under the “over-exploited” category. Therefore, keeping in view this need of the hour, JSCL has planned to develop rain water harvesting structure as an effective technique of water management under which about 54 government buildings to be covered in the first phase to install rainwater harvesting technique. Rainwater harvesting techniques have been installed in the premises of the following government buildings:

Project Cost (Cr.):

1.74 Cr.

Project Time Period:

6 Months

Mode of Implementation:

Deposit Work

Implementing Agency:

Dept. of Soil and Water Conservation, Jalandhar

Present Status:

50 % work has been completed by December 2021, remaining Work in progress

List of Buildings selected for Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Structure under Jalandhar Smart City Mission:

Sr. No.Name of Building/ Institute/ OfficeNo. of proposed Structures
1Gurudwara Sahib PAP Jalandhar2
2D.G.P. Office PAP Jalandhar2
3GPS New Santokhpura1
4GPS Kishanpura1
5GHS Kishanpura1
6GPS Santokhpura (Old)1
7GSSS Lamba Pind1
8GSSS (Girls) Ladowali Road Jalandhar3
9GSSS Model Town Jalandhar3
10GPS Lamba Pind1
11GHS Kot Ram Das1
12GPS Kot Ram Das1
13The Commissioner of Police, Jalandhar3
14Chief Agriculture Officer, Jalandhar2
15SSp (Rural), Jalandhar2
16DEO (Elementary), Jalandhar1
17GHS (Girls), Gandhi Nagar, Jalandhar1
18GSSS (Girls), Nehru Garden, Jalandhar9
19District Social Justice & Empowerment Office, Jalandhar2
20GPS (Boys) Garha2
21GMS Garha1
22All India Radio, Jalandhar3
23LIONS Club Jalandhar2
24Doordarshan Kendra, Jalandhar3
25GPS Kirti Nagar1
26Bist Doab Kapurthala Road1
27GPS Suchi pind Jalandhar1
28GPS Sunder Nagar1
29GSSS Sucji Pind Jalandhar1
30GPS Ram Nagar1
31GM Co-Edu SSS Ladowali Road2
32GPS Dhiwan Jalandhar1
33GSSS Dakoha2
34GPS Basti Mithu1
35GPS Chokan Kalan Jalandhar1
36GPS Nangal Sharma2
37GSSS Ladhewali2
38GPS Ladhewali1
39GPS Adarsh Nagar1
40GPS Reru1
41GPS Kaki Pind2
42GPS Sansarpur Jalandhar1
43GHS Sansarpur Jalandhar1
44GPS Godiapur Jalandhar1
45GPS Bidhipur Jalandhar1
46GPS Maqsuda Jalandhar1
47GPS Nagra Jalandhar1
48GPS Basti Seikh1
49GSSS Model house Jalandhar1
50GSSS Basti Seikh Jalandhar1
51Municipal Corporation Office Jalandhar6

Benefits :

  • Provides self-sufficiency to water supply.
  • Reduces the cost of pumping groundwater.
  • Provides high-quality water that is soft and low in minerals.
  • Improves the quality of groundwater through dilution when recharged to the ground

List of Buildings   :