Bist Doab Canal Area Rejuvenation

Project Components/Scope of Work:
Pathway for Walking, plantation, Chain Link fencing, seating benches, Electric poles etc.


Project Cost (Cr.):

2.98 Cr.

Awarded Cost (Cr.):

2.86 Cr.

Executing Agency:

M/s Tarvinder Pal Singh Contractor. Jalandhar

Date of Award:


Date of Completion:


Physical Porgress: (%)


Financial Porgress (%):



Work Completed

Features and Components

  • Beautification of both the sides by planting trees
  • Path/walkway developed using checker tiles
  • Chain-link Fencing is installed
  • Dustbins have been installed
  • Street light has been installed

Benefits to the citizens

  • The entire stretch of around 4 kms consists of a one continuous walking trail cum jogging track with quality of spaces while walking and jogging.
  • Street lights have installed on both sides of the canal that will help in  promoting good health and safety of people
  • The air is cleaner and the environment is getting better than before
  • The aesthetic value of the adjacent area has improved