Vision Statement : “ Healthy & Productive Jalandhar : The leading sports & manufacturing hub in Asia”

“Jalandhar : The Leading Sports and Manufacturing hub in Asia” The world of sports is a growing industry in India. A thriving sports sector has significant socio-economic impact,asitis instrumental in improving the physical health and mental agility of human resources,and in promotingunity and national pride.Sports asan industry have contributed 1%- 5% of the GDP of various countries. Manufacturing is the foundation of astrong economy.The most successful countries have a strong industrial and manufacturing presence under pinning the ireconomic growth.Manufacturing has the potential to help take many residents,currently living in slums, above the poverty line by providing better paid and higher skilled jobs, goal highlighted in Make in Indian a tional mission.

Jalandhar has the opportunity to build upon its existing sports and manufacturing base to create sustainable jobs,increase productivity and drive innovation.The city would benefit from taking a strategic approach that will focus on the sports and manufacturing sector,including:

• Becoming a leading hub forsports goods globally not just in manufacturing butal so inresearch and development in terms of productionmet hodsand newcutting-edge sporting goods.
• Focusing on the potential of Small and Medium Enterprises ensuring they are ready to up-skill and expand from their current low-techbase to ensure their good sreach national and global consumers.
In order to develop Jalandhar asenvisaged and make it more liva bleand sustainable,the strategic blue print for next 5-10 years entails the following;

1) Promote economic growth of the city by creating state of theart sports infrastructure that aggregates the youth and attracts national/international events, exhibitions,leagues & tournaments converging with the country's sports ecosystem.
2) To create public & recreational spaces for the benefit of the city's residents which can also host cultural events.
3) Investing in public transport and traffic management.This will increase accessibility,reducecongestion,promote walk-ability and ensure better parking provision leading to higher productivity.
4) Upgrading the city’s poor public real mandurban environment.Currently,alack of safe and inclusive spaces means that citizens cannot engage inanactive and social lifestyle.
5) The city’s aging physical infrastructure needs to be upgraded to cater for an increased population.
6) Improving urban governance by introducing smart technologies/ICT solutions that help bring systemic efficiency in infrastructure service provision and improved two-way communication.

Sailent Features of SmartCity Jalandhar

1)The Sports hub will create employment opportunities for 1000 people.

2) Creation of Skill Development Center will train 800 personnel per annumoncontinuum basis for entire project period with convegence of Pradahan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna.

2) Efficient Public transportation system will help i by reduction of 9% in CO2 emissionand 14% in Nox.
3) Reliance on renewable energy measures at Pan City levels will help in Carbon foot print reduction to the tune of 81 tonnes per day
4) Financially Self Sustaining SPV to take care of O & M expenses.
5) Convergence with 9 State/Central Government Schemes to Support development intervention senvisaged in City.
6) All essential features are incorporated as per the recommendation of MoUD

Aims of Jalandhar City