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Sports Hub Redevelopment

Proposed Interventions Legend 1. Multipurpose Stadium 2. MLCP 3. Hockey Ground 4. Tennis Ground 5. Indoor Stadium 6. Hotel & Club 7. Leisure Park 8. Sports Related Commerce Zone 9. U-turn underthe ROB 10. BusStop for Burlton Park 11. Pedestrian Foot Over bridge 12. 2 Lane U-Turn Underpass


• Proposal to develop a multipurpose stadium of 30,000 spectator capacity.
• Provision of practice areas and stadiums for other sports like tennis,indoorgames,etc
• Provision of adequate Hotels,Restaurants and Clubs for the visitors.
• Provision of adequate parking facilities by building Multilevel Car parks.
• Multipurpose arena/Commercial for promoting the Jalandhar’s Sports Goods


• Development of an international sports hub in Jalandhar would attract investment opportunities in the city and would triggera smart and positiive growth.
10 • The sports hub would further compliment the existing education institutes in the area 11 • The currently unorganized sports and training activities would be formally recognized and will be equipped with world 12 classfacilities.

• The inflow of tourists due to large sports events like international cricket matches will bring secondary economic resources for the residents of this area.

Canal Area Rejuvenation


1. The existing canal would be made perineal under the larger Punjab Government’s programe of Rejuvenation of Bisht Doab Canal and this would support leisure activities initsvicinity.
2. The edge of the canal will becleared to release the existing right of way of Canal road.
3. Reorganizing the existing right of way of canal road to create a wide pedestrian promenade for the residents along the canal.
4. creating street furniture, mini amphi theatres, terraces and planters along the promenade for residents to sit and enjoy the canals ideactivities.
5. Providing safety measures like railings along the canal on both sides.
6. Providing Smart LED Street lights on both sides of the canal top romotenight time activity along the canal. Existing Condition

Proposed Interventions 7. Green maintainedh edges would be provided to distinguish between the vehicular and pedestrian zones.
8. Demarcating certain areas where registered informal vendors selling street food , etc can park their carts in the evening.
9. Provision of pedestrian ramps,railings for the safety of specially-abled and elderly residents.

1. The canal area development will create a positive environment for the residents and create ageneralup lift of the whole area.
2. Residents will have a safe and active public space for leisure and walking.
3. The environmental problems due to the garbage dumping in the canal will be addressed.

Water Supply proposal

For making the Jalandhar as smartcity, following proposals in WaterSupply should be considered in Proposedarea:

1. Reduce sub sidy on water supply and sewerage.This will be done by migrating from area based charge stotele scopic volumetric charges.This will include minimum charges for survival level consumption up to 40 lpcd, covering O & M cost for consumption upto 70 lpcd,higher cosuption upto 150 lpcd should be double the previous slab.
2. Pumps of the area are more than 20 year old thus require frequent repairs,efficiency of the sepumpshasal sog one down.It is estimated that increase in efficiency resulting in 16.5% power saving will take place. This alone will result insavings of almost Rs 18 lakhs per annumin power costs.
3. Pipe line of ward 43 and 44 is old and inbad condition and needs to be completely replaced. In order to achieve 24x7 water supply and minimize loss esreplacemen to foldservice connections with better material of pipe line.Almost 25 km of pipe line in these towards is proposed. To reorient the supply for 24x7 watersupply it is estimated that around 65 kms(including 25 km sin ward 43 & 44)of line will age out in next five years and should be replaced.
4. Construction of 3 ML(in addition to 3.86 ML) of storage facility at different locations is a lsoproposed to act as balancing reservoirs.
5. Installation of advanced type of AMR water meters for all consumers irrespective of method of billing will not only help in identification of usage pattern but also irregular it ie sin supply and losses.
6. Provision of SCADA system which will enable better control and monitoring of water supply system.This will also include installation of District level bulk meters to check and control pressures.
7. Introduction of Smart billing and collection system
8. It is proposed to re-usewater 5 MLD of treated waste water from Basti Peerdad STP foruses,suchas residential irrigation,car washing,landscaping and in Burlton park.This along with saving in fresh water treatment cost will also resultin recharging of ground water thus saving future increase in pumping head.

  • Sewerage System

    Replacement of sewage lines which have exceeded their design life is proposed.
    • Cleaning of sewerage with modern machinery
    • E-Sensors for Man-holes for real time monitoring of sewage.
    • SCADA system to enable better monitoring of sewage
    • Increasing number of public & community toilets

  • Solid Waste Management

    • Door-to-door of segregated MSW
    • Creation of a Complaint Redressal System
    • Installation of Vehicle and MSW tracking system through GPS chip with QuadBand GSM/GPRS transceiver and GIS/GPS enabled Central monitoring system

  • Strom Water proposal

    * Laying of strom water lines on allarterial,subarterial and collector roads
    • Pumping sets to pump water from 20 lowel evation level in proposed area.
    • Sensors for auto start and closure with centralised monitoring system.
    • Aqui fer recharge through 20 wells