Smart City Features


Smart City Features

Smart City features Definition




Citizen Participation

A smart city constantly shapes and changes course of its strategies incorporating views of its citizens to bring maximum benefit for all



Identity and culture

A Smart City has a unique identity, which distinguishes it from all other cities, based on some key aspect: its location or climate : its leading industry , its cultural heritage, its local culture or cuisine , or other factors. This identity allows an easy answer to the question " Why in this city and not somewhere else?" A smart City celebrates and promotes its unique identity and culture



Economy and employment

A Smart City has a robust and resilient economic base and growth strategy that creates large scale employment and increases opportunities for the majority of its citizens.




A Smart City provides access to healthcare for all its citizen




A Smart City offers schooling and educational opportunities for all children in the city



Mixed Use

A Smart City has different kind of land uses in the same places, such as offices, housing and shops, clustered together.




A Smart City encourages development to be compact and dense, where buildings are ideally within a 10 minute walk of public transportation and are located close together to form concentrated neighbourhoods and centres of activity around commerce and services.   



Open Spaces

A Smart City has sufficient and usable public open spaces, many of which are green, that promote exercise and outdoor recreation for all age groups. Public open spaces of a range of sizes are dispersed throughout the City so all citizens can have access.



Housing and inclusiveness

A Smart City has sufficient housing for all income groups and promotes integration among social groups.



Transportation  & Mobility

A Smart City does not require an automobile to get around : distances are short , buildings are accessible from the sidewalk and transit options are plentiful and attractive to people of all income levels





A Smart City's roads are designed equally for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles: and road safety and sidewalks are paramount to street design. Traffic signals are sufficient and traffic rules are enforced. Shops, restaurants, building entrances and trees line the sidewalk to encourage walking and there us ample lighting so the pedestrian feels safe day and night.



IT Connectivity

A Smart City has a robust internet network allowing high-speed connections to all offices and dwelling as desired



Intelligent Government

A Smart City enables easy interaction (including through online and telephone services) with its citizens, eliminating delays and frustrations in interactions with government. 



Energy Supply

A Smart City has reliable, 24X7 electricity supply with no delays in requested hook-ups.



Energy source

A Smart City has at least 10% of its electricity generated by renewable. 



Water Supply

A Smart City has a reliable , 24X7 supply of water that meets national and global health standards.



Waste Water Management

A Smart City has advanced water management programs, including smart  meters,  rain water harvesting and green infrastructure to manage storm water runoff.



Water Quality

A Smart City treats all its sewage to prevent the polluting of water bodies and aquifers.



Air Quality

A Smart City has air quality that always meets international safety standards. 




Energy Efficiency

A Smart City promotes state-of-the-art energy efficiency practices in building , street lights and transit systems.



Underground electric wiring

A Smart City has an underground electric wiring system to reduce blackouts due to storms and eliminate unsightliness.




A Smart City has no open defecation and a full supply of toilets based on the population



Waste Management

A Smart City has a waste management system that removes household and commercial garbage and dispose of it in an environmentally and economically sound manner




A Smart City has high levels of public safety, especially focused on women, children and the elderly, men and women of all ages feel safe on the streets at all hours.